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Indoor Climbing

Looking for the online waiver ?

161 Middle Street
Victoria Island
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 8N5

phone: (613) 569-3903

vertical@verticalreal.com *

* (please leave your phone number! We can answer your questions faster by phone than by email)

routes laid out
on 20,000
square feet of
wall space

  • walls 54 feet high with edges, laybacks, lt;strong>macro-and micro holds, short or sustained overhangs;
  • 5 HUGE bouldering AREAS ;
  • system walls and campus boards for specialized power training;
  • lead climbing and toproping;
  • climbing walls designed by Vertical Reality in collaboration with professional engineer and built to international standards;
  • .. and way, way more!

Please note - Most of the activities depicted herein carry a significant risk of personal injury or death. The owner, staff, and management of VERTICAL REALITY do not recommend that anyone participate in these activities unless they are knowledgeable about the risks involved, and are willing to personally assume all responsibility associated with
those risks.


  1. Print and read document carefully.
  2. For minors under the age of 16, all required information has to be that of parent/legal guardian (no other relatives will be accepted).
  3. For minors of age 16 and up, a parent must sign as a witness and write "I am the mother/father/legal guardian of (name of the minor) " at the bottom of the first sheet.
  4. The helmet waiver must be filled out at the parent/guardian
  5. Leaving the helmet waiver blank obliges the minor to wear the helmet AT ALL TIMES. Filling the waiver out gives the minor the choice to wear the helmet or not.
  6. All waivers printed online must be presented with a clear photocopy of any piece parents/guardian ID WITH A SIGNATURE.